The ‘o.c.’ mansion is on the market and costs more than you’ll ever make

The ‘O.C.’ Mansion Is On The Market And Costs More Than You’ll Ever Make

Have you ever sat around binge-watching old episodes of “The O.C.” and dreamed of one day being able to live in that amazing mansion, where Seth played video games and outside which Ryan and Marissa both met for the first time?

Well luckily for you, unlike the mansion from the show, the real-life Cohen house didn’t get lost in a California earthquake in 2007 — and it’s up for sale right now! Bad news is, you’re probably not going to be able to make the down payment.

According to the real estate website Trulia, the iconic mansion that served as the exterior for Seth Cohen’s home is now back on the market for a cool $6.25 million.

The inside of the McMansion doesn’t look exactly the way it does on the show, of course, as the show didn’t actually film there that often. Oh, and it’s in a gated community in Malibu, not Newport Beach. But with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 4 acres of space, it’s probably worth the asking price.

No word on whether there’s actually a pool house on the property, though — the one we saw on the show was part of an elaborate set reconstructed to look like the original house. But at least there’ll always be a pool house in our hearts.