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Store Discovery

Need a storefront? Let us get you started with a few questions! By answering these questions, PICA can help better assist you in creating the right experiences for your pop up store, an employee store, a reward store or program OR we can help you think out of the box for some amazing ways to engage with your team, clients or tradeshow participants.
And remember, you can always bypass the questions, and just call us! We are here to help!

Areas of Exploration

Who, What Why?

Timeframe & Budget

Look & Feel

User Experience

Payments, Taxes, Shipping

The Questions

Who will be shopping in the store?

Is the primary purpose of the store for employees or the general public?


What is the purpose of the store?

Determine if you have a specific program in mind.


Why do you want a store?

To order products online, of course! Think about all your reasons as it will help determine exactly what you want or need.

How long will the store be open?
Is the store a temporary pop-up shop or will it be an ongoing yearly program?

Ongoing Program — Simple Store Company Store

Temporary Pop-Up — Simple Store or Company Store


What is your budget?
You can also determine if you are going to build the cost of the store into the products or take on the cost yourself.

What do you want the store to look like?

Determine if you want a fully branded eCommerce site that mimics your website or a lightly branded store.

Fully Branded eCommerce Site — Company Store

Lightly Branded — Simple Store or Company Store

Do shoppers need to have user accounts?

Is it necessary for shoppers to create accounts to keep track of orders, load account balances, save addresses?

Yes – Company Store

No – Simple Store or Company Store


What kind of user experience do you want the shoppers to have?

How will shoppers move around in the store? Will all shoppers have the ability to see everything in the store?

Full eCommerce & User Experience: Company Store

Single-Page Orders: Simple Store


Company Store Permissions:

  • Storefront & Admin Access
  • Categories/Products
  • Logos
  • Payment Methods
  • Addresses
  • Shipping Methods
  • Coupons


Do managers need to approve orders?

To control spending, you can have a manager either approve or deny purchases.

Yes – Company Store

No – Simple Store or Company Store

How will shoppers “pay” for products?

What kind of payment method(s) need to be in place for users to complete their checkout?


Company Stores:

  • Custom Payment Methods
  • Credit Card Gateways
  • Gift Certificates/Coupon Codes
  • Points
  • Account Balances

Simple Stores:

  • Credit Card
  • Custom Payments
  • Redemption Codes

We have the answers. Let's get started!

Our team is certified, compliant, and ready to help!

What They Say

"Paul Zafarana was fantastic to work with. His depth of industry knowledge feed really creative solutions for my business goals. I learned so much from our work together. I look forward to working with Paul again and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business."

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