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Are you a promotional marketing organization with revenue of $75K to $225K per year and are feeling like your distributor is nickel and diming you on every transaction? Do you feel like you are not getting the support or the technical toolbox to be more efficient and grow your business?


We have been in your shoes and if we knew now what we did then... WOW!

Hello, we are Stephanie and Paul Zafarana and we have owned and operated Pica Marketing Group since 2008. We understand being a small business wanting to grow but at every turn, distributors and partners make it difficult. From fees, to lack of technology resources, to experts who really don’t understand your business – we have been there. That is why we are so excited to pay it forward and help.

With PICA Marketing Group we help can help you gain control of your business and its future!  You have a vision, when and where to work, and how long you want to run your business. We can help get you there! With Pica Marketing Group we will support you by providing you with established vendor and manufacturer relationships along with training and other tools for success – helping to realize your business vision and future.

We Provide Support Service Like No Other

Why Pica Marketing Group?

They say you know more about business when you actually run one. Pica has been working in the marketing/promotional space since 2008 and our award-winning team has learned a lot in running our own business. We want to share those experiences with your team and help you grow your own business. Why talk to consultants when you can work with a company who has all the tools to make you successful! Call us and let’s talk about your businesses future!

Co-Founder, VP of Global Sales

Paul Zafarana, MAS, MASI

Paul is a walking advertisement for the Marketing Industry. He wakes up in the night dreaming of Measurable Results. That’s just how dedicated he is to his clients!

Co-Founder, President

Stephanie Zafarana

Steph wears many hats. She grounds Pica with her business background and adds a female touch to the creative process for clients. Her most challenging role is reeling Paul back.

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    What They Say

    "Paul Zafarana was fantastic to work with. His depth of industry knowledge feed really creative solutions for my business goals. I learned so much from our work together. I look forward to working with Paul again and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business."

    Ray Ackley Art Instructor

    "Paul is an outstanding print production professional with a true understanding of meeting tight deadlines and a firm commitment to quality. Do yourself a favor and consider him for any of you upcoming print production needs!"

    Crawford Wolfe Owner/Artist at Motor City Brick

    "I have worked with Paul in the past and he has always had a niche for finding anything that I needed, from the smallest trinket to the most creative, innovative production component. I highly recommend Paul as a solid individual with a "get it done fast" attitude."

    Yvonne Hughes Account Director