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Pica Marketing Group is fighting BRAND FILL, and we want to help you!

Did you know 85% of textiles thrown away are dumped in landfills? Pica Marketing Group wants to help you change the life cycle of swag. Let our team help you to do things a bit greener. Our Green Program is intended to be a more thoughtful approach to throwing outdated items or old brand items in your swag closet. Our team is here to provide the resources you need for end-of-life products including opportunities to repurpose, upcycle, donate or recycle unneeded paraphernalia.  Pica Marketing Group’s Green Program is included as part of our mission and if you are a client. Ask us how we can help!

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    How Can We Help Make Your Swag Even Greener? It's easy

    We know you are out there – the folks with a closet full of old and unwanted merchandise from that trade show, meeting or employee storefront. Don’t throw away your unwanted swag – let us help you reach your sustainability goals!


    Add a clearance section or sale section to your employee storefront, and we will help you move the inventory to our location so we can help you monitor or get rid of it. Don’t have a storefront? We can help with that too.


    Pica Marketing Group will help donate your unused swag to a shelter, school, or other non-profit on your behalf.

    Recycle or Disposal

    If your swag cannot be donated, we will work with our recycle experts to responsibly recycle or dispose of your products in responsible ways. We’ve got you!

    Is Your Swag Closet Outdated? Overflowing? A Mess?

    Let the Pica Marketing Group help provide an end-to-end solution to simplify your branded merchandise with sustainability in mind!

    No Storage Space?

    Let us inventory your “closet“ at one of our facilities!

    Manage Inventory and Overruns

    Pica Marketing Group can help you utilize your current online storefront platform to track, manage and ship your merchandise. Helping to keep the right inventory for you and your team while minimizing over buying. And if you don’t have a storefront – we can help there too.

    Help The Planet

    Pica Marketing Group is committed to provide sustainable products and solutions to our clients. Want to go greener with the products you purchase, let our team provide to you solutions to fit your budget and your sustainability goals.

    Let's Get Started

      What They Say

      "Paul Zafarana was fantastic to work with. His depth of industry knowledge feed really creative solutions for my business goals. I learned so much from our work together. I look forward to working with Paul again and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business."

      Ray Ackley Art Instructor

      "Paul is an outstanding print production professional with a true understanding of meeting tight deadlines and a firm commitment to quality. Do yourself a favor and consider him for any of you upcoming print production needs!"

      Crawford Wolfe Owner/Artist at Motor City Brick

      "I have worked with Paul in the past and he has always had a niche for finding anything that I needed, from the smallest trinket to the most creative, innovative production component. I highly recommend Paul as a solid individual with a "get it done fast" attitude."

      Yvonne Hughes Account Director