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So your goal is to get organized, you say? But where do you start? Whether it's your desk or your car, keeping things clean, tidy and organized helps reduce stress, saves time and helps you feel balanced. These top organizational

Whether it’s leaving middle school, graduating high school or heading off to college, graduation day is an occasion worth celebrating and acknowledging. Students today have faced new challenges, responsibilities and changes to their normal school routines. With that being said,

Promoting your business through events is a great way to differentiate you from your competition. Although there are many ways to digitally market in this day and age, the return you can get from hosting events is extensive. With some careful

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. According to the NHTSA, distracted driving accounts for over 3,000 deaths in the US each year. Many states have enacted hands-free phone laws in order to help prevent deaths and injuries, while encouraging drivers

American Heart Health Month   Each February, we celebrate American Heart Health month in February.  The American Heart Association states that 80% of heart disease can be prevented, with changes to health and diet.    Many companies today have adopted heart health programs into