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Pet Promos and Why You Should be Using Them

If you own or have ever owned a pet, then you know that pets are more than just an animal; they are members of the family. People form extremely strong bonds with their pets. When it comes to promotional products, many times we think about what our direct recipients would like to receive as a person….but what about If you want to win over the hearts of your audience, have you considered the impact a pet related promo might do for your organization? Pet promos aren’t just for pet-related industries – 67% of families, or approximately 85 million families own pets in the US! Not sure how to use pet-friendly promotional products for your industry? Take a look at these ideas: Hospitality:  Pet-friendly hotels are becoming more and more popular – pet owners don’t want to leave their furry friends behind while on vacation! Not only are pet giveaways great for promoting pet-friendliness, they’re also hot sellers in gift shops. Dog bowls & mats Dog toys Pet waste bag dispensers Strobe reflector tags Dog treats Food & Beverage: People love to support their favorite local watering holes – and it turns out, their pets do too. Branded merchandise is wildly popular with patrons at these establishments, so make sure to keep them stocked. Leashes Collars Pet T-shirts Full-color pet bandanas Pet toys Housing: Pet-friendly complexes know allowing four-legged friends is a HUGE draw for potential new residents. Show your commitment to providing a happy home for pets by giving away products to care for them. Pet waste bag dispensers Reflective bandanas Emergency pet rescue decals Pet litter scoops Pet first-aid kits Banking:  Financial instructions  need to stand out from the competition. Rather than appeal to your customers’ pocketbooks, appeal to their pets instead. Pet promos build brand loyalty and will be remembered over basic giveaways. Pet bandanas Dog treats Zipper bowls Rope disc toys Pet-shaped stickers for kids Agencies:  Connect with your clients by building an emotional bond. Pet-related giveaways show you acknowledge pets as part of the family, which recipients will appreciate. They’ll be happy to use these promos in their daily life while they care for their beloved pet! Pet-shaped magnets Pet care coloring books Emergency pet rescue decals My Pet is Home Alone key straps Pet-safe flyer Government:  Political candidates want to get their name out in their local communities. What better way to do that than pet promos? Call in the help of walking, barking billboards to get their campaign tail wagging around town. Pet T-shirts Pet bandanas Collars Leashes Paw-shaped car magnets Athletics:  Pet promos are great for raising funds AND team spirit. Don’t sell team merch just for people – profit from selling gear for their fourlegged fans too! Pet bandanas Pet jerseys Vinyl squeak toys Folding dog bowls Paw-shaped car magnets If you’re looking for branded merchandise geared toward canine and feline friends, look no further. Reach out to for the top selection of pet-related promos.